If you are writing a game or high performance application for Android, you will be using the NDK (Native Development Kit) from Google. At NVIDIA, we believe in making NDK development simple and efficient. We provide tools for installing the NDK as well as integration with Visual Studio for building and debugging. We also provide professional grade profiling tools for both CPU and GPU. These tools let developers get professional performance from their Android code.

Tools for Serious Android Game Development

CodeWorks for Android Android NDK Installationa and configuration.
Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition Android NDK debugging for Microsoft Visual Studio.
Tegra System Profiler Multi-core sampling CPU profiler.
Tegra Graphics Debugger Graphics debugging and profiling for the Tegra K1, X1 and beyond
PerfHUD ES In-depth analysis of OpenGL ES applications for the Tegra 2, 3 & 4 powered devices.
PerfKit A comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL applications.

Android Developer Diaries with EA Firemonkeys and TickTock Games

Check out this presentation and video from GDC 2015 where developers from EA Firemonkeys and TickTock Games took to the stage to talk about their experiences debugging and profiling Android applications using tools from NVIDIA.

Android Debugging

Watch the Video
Get the slides Android-Developer-diaries_GDC2015.pdf

Unreal Development

For Unreal Engine 4 development, NVIDIA tools are recognized by EPIC Games as being the ideal solution

NVIDIA's Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) and Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition enable a turnkey Unreal Engine 4 development environment for Android. These tools simplify installation of an Android development environment, and ensure that Visual Studio building and debugging of UE4 and NDK is completely seamless.

Epic Games on Tegra Android Development Pack and Nsight Tegra