The Android TV announcements at Google IO 2015 and the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD last week seriously excited the NVIDIA Developer Technologies engineers. The only answer, shout about it with DevCasts!

There was just too much news at Google IO. We simply couldn't wait for the next conference to talk about developing apps for Android TV and SHIELD! So we're bringing our development experiences to a new series of Android TV developer webcasts, or "DevCasts". These short, focused video training sessions bring the details of Android TV development to your computer or mobile device on your schedule. Unburdened by the fixed length of a conference session, these brief videos center on specific aspects of Android TV development to help you solve the problems that really matter. To keep things fresh, we’ll also be adding new DevCasts on a regular basis.

The first set of three DevCasts is available now, and they focus on Android TV application development. While Android game developers will find lots of great information in these, the real focus of these first DevCasts is non-gaming apps, including media streaming, video and audio playback, and other content- and information-focused apps. The sessions available today include:

Expect more sessions in the coming weeks. Indeed, the next session is already in production; we are working on a session that covers some great pieces of Android integration that can take your app to the next level. The session will include details on keeping your application rendering video and content and playing audio while the user is back in the launcher, while respecting other apps that may launch. These "visible behind" and audio focus features can really make your app feel a part of the user's Android TV device itself. Later DevCasts will include sessions on search integration and launcher recommendations to keep driving users back to your app time and again.