NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7: Complete Android Tablet Platform
Powered by Tegra 4

NVIDIA® Tegra NOTE™ 7 is a complete tablet platform, designed by NVIDIA and brought to market by our partners. It embodies the NVIDIA brand – from our hardware and software (right down to over-the-air "OTA" OS updates), to our industrial design, accessories and network of partners in game development.

NVIDIA owns and maintains the platform and rolls out OTA updates as needed to address developer issues and concerns. This is a huge step forward for the developer community.


For information on NVIDIA's latest tablet powered by the advanced Tegra K1 processor, check out the NVIDIA SHIELD developer guide.

Blogs and Videos

NVIDIA's developer technology team releases ongoing blog posts and video presentations on the latest Tegra and SHIELD developments. See below for the latest blogs and videos.

Tegra NOTE 7 Blogs

Tegra NOTE 7 Videos

  • NVIDIA DirectStylus Demo - With DirectStylus technology, you'll have a responsive and natural stylus experience while surfing the web, playing games and navigating the device UI, in addition to taking notes and drawing.
  • NVIDIA DirectStylus Comparison Video - Compare the benefits of the NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7's DirectStylus technology to the Nexus 7 with a passive stylus and the Galaxy Note 8 with an active stylus.

Developer Resources & Information

Tegra NOTE is an Android based tablet platform built around the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. Developers can use Tegra NOTE 7 like any other Android device and it is fully compatible with NVIDIA's suite of development tools and utilities.

DirectStylus Resources

Learn tips and tricks for optimizing your application for DirectStylus.


Tegra Development Resources

The Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to develop for Android and optimize for the NVIDIA Tegra processor. From the Android SDK, world class Tegra debugging, profiling and analysis development tools to Tegra Android Operating System images, minimize time spent hunting for the right software versions and downloading files.

Download Resources

Tegra NOTE 7 Open Source Materials

Find the open source materials and USB drivers for Tegra NOTE 7 and SHIELD.