The SHIELD Android TV brings next-generation Android apps, gaming and media content into consumers' living rooms.

NVIDIA's Developer Technologies and Tools teams provide developers with a wealth of resources for Android and Android TV application development. These resources include a constantly updated set of tools, code samples, blog postings and developer guides. Developers looking to add Android TV support to their application should take particular note of the following resources:

Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) TADP (aka the SHIELD SDK) is a full suite of tools and samples for Android Java and Native development, including Android TV.
GameWorks OpenGL Samples Over two dozen OpenGL and OpenGL ES Samples that run across multiple platforms. The Android versions support Android TV, including Leanback Launcher support and full controller support.
Android TV Developer Guide Detailed guide to developing an application for Android TV, including a step-by-step QA checklist for testing your app prior to publishing on the Android TV Play Store.
Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition Android development, deployment and debugging on Android and Android TV from Microsoft Visual Studio.

Making 5 Star Games for SHIELD and Android TV

Flashy title aside, this technical presentation and video from GDC 2015 covers many of the key steps of moving an application to Android TV, focusing on the issues that NVIDIA's Developer Technologies engineers and QA team see every day in real Android TV games and apps.

Android TV

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Get the slides Making-5-Star-Games-for-SHIELD-and-Android-TV-GDC15.pdf

Coming Soon...

NVIDIA's Developer Technologies engineers are working on a series of devcasts that cover development for Android TV in much more detail, including:

  • Getting your app running well on Android TV.
  • Publishing your app on Android TV.
  • Integrating your app with new Android TV features.
  • Increasing your app's discoverability with Recommendations and Search integration.

These videos are expected to be released on this site in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned!