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Building Software-Defined Smart Grid Technology

Edge AI and HPC are modernizing the electric grid, from power generation, transmission, and distribution to the grid edge. 9 MIN READ
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Insider’s Guide to GTC: Cybersecurity, Data Center, Data Science, and Networking

Informative sessions on automated cyberattack prevention, power grid management from the edge, optimizing network storage, edge AI-on-5G, and addressing malware with data science. 5 MIN READ
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Edge Computing Fuels a Sustainable Future for Energy

Learn how edge computing is powering efficient energy operations, protecting worker health and safety, and improving power grid resiliency. 4 MIN READ
A graphic of a male geoscientist sitting at two monitors with an oil rig picture behind him.
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Accelerating Geoscience Workflows with High-Performance Virtual Workstations

NVIDIA partnered with GeoComputing Group and Lenovo on a high-performance, secure, hybrid platform that enhances productivity for geoscientists. 2 MIN READ
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Explore Deploying and Optimizing Industrial-Scale AI at GTC

Many topics will be covered including solutions in computational fluid dynamics, predictive maintenance, inspection, and factory logistics across Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Electronic Design Automation, Engineering Simulation, and more. 2 MIN READ
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NVIDIA's Top 5 AI Stories of the Week: 4/15

In this week's edition we highlight a new deep learning-based algorithm that is working towards replicating the energy of the sun on earth. Plus, a robot that can efficiently interact with liquid and moldable items. 2 MIN READ