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NVIDIA RTX Top 3: Week of November 30, 2018

Every week, we’ll be delivering 3 interesting stories coming from the world of RTX Game Development.

1 – Ray Tracing Optimizations Coming to Battlefield V

People can expect us to keep improving our ray tracing as time goes, as both we at DICE and Nvidia have a bunch of optimizations coming in from the engine side and driver side and we are far from done.
Yasin Uludağ (Software Engineer, Rendering at EA DICE)

2 – Effectively Integrating RTX Ray Tracing into a Real-Time Rendering Engine

RTX is NVIDIA’s new platform for hybrid rendering, allowing the combination of rasterization and compute-based techniques with hardware-accelerated ray tracing and deep learning. This blog will assist readers familiar with the Microsoft DXR API to architect effective integrations of the technology.

3 – GameWorks RTX Showcase

Curious as to which of your favorite developers are working with RTX? Check below for a more detailed review. We’ll be adding more partners to the Showcase as new games are announced!
Gameworks Showcase

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