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NVIDIA RTX Top 3: Week of December 7, 2018

Every week, we’ll be delivering 3 interesting stories coming from the world of RTX Game Development.

NVIDIA Invents AI Interactive Graphics

Using a conditional generative neural network as a starting point, a team at NVIDIA trained a neural network to render new 3D environments, after being trained on existing videos. This AI breakthrough will allow developers and artists to create new interactive 3D virtual worlds for automotive, gaming or virtual reality by training models on videos from the real world.

Battlefield V: Official DXR Dev Update

We’ve been working closely with EA and DICE to rapidly optimize DXR Ray Tracing in Battlefield V, improving performance up to 50% and enabling real-time ray tracing at 60+ FPS:

NVIDIA Reveals the TITAN  of Turing: TITAN RTX

The NVIDIA TITAN RTX is the world’s most powerful desktop GPU, providing performance for AI research, data science, and creative applications. Turing-powered TITAN delivers 130 teraflops of deep learning horsepower, and 11 gigarays of ray-tracing performance to serve the world’s most demanding users.

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