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NVIDIA RTX Top 3: Week of November 21, 2018

Every week, we’ll be delivering 3 interesting stories coming from the world of RTX Game Development.

1 – Battlefield V Now Supports Real-Time Ray Tracing on GeForce RTX graphics cards

It’s a watershed moment in many ways and a phenomenal technological achievement – not just from the RTX hardware that makes it possible, but also from the engineers at DICE who committed to ray tracing in all of its shiny, real-time reflection glory. ”

2 – Using Ray Tracing for the First Time

What happens when a veteran graphics programmer with substantial experience in old-school ray tracing (in other words, offline rendering), gets hold of hardware capable of real-time ray tracing?
Find out in this detailed break-down from Eric Hains, a Content Tech who just recently joined NVIDIA.

3 – DLSS: What Does it Mean for Developers?

We talked to Andrew Edelsten, Director of Developer Technologies at NVIDIA, to get insight into DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), and understand why it’s so important to the game development community.

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