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NVIDIA IndeX Now Available on Google Cloud

NVIDIA IndeX is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. With the IndeX SDK, scientists and researchers can visualize, interact with, and modify massive data sets, and also navigate to the most pertinent parts of the data — all in real time.   

Running IndeX on the Google Cloud, gives scientists and researchers a new, scalable option for powerful data visualization. NVIDIA IndeX utilizes GPU-accelerated clusters for scalable visualization and enhances computations for multi-valued volumetric data with embedded geometry. Users can easily deploy IndeX-based applications or services on the Google Cloud, making it easy to leverage large scale data visualization and accelerate research and workflows.

The benefits of NVIDIA IndeX include:

  • Visualization: accurate, high-quality data visualization, feature representation and annotation.
  • Scalability: optimization for current and future generations of NVIDIA GPU architectures, with the ability to scale across multiple GPUs.
  • Extensibility: flexibility for a variety of application domains.

With these benefits and features, users can gain better insights from their data in real time. NVIDIA IndeX runs in a Kubernetes cluster and requires NVIDIA GPUs available from Google Cloud. It’s native scalability connects well with the scalability and fault tolerance offered by Kubernetes.

NVIDIA IndeX can be used and deployed as a render server with a web API, making it easy to integrate large-scale data into other client applications.

A few use cases below highlight how NVIDIA IndeX has helped customers manage massive data visualizations:

Core Collapse Supernova: NVIDIA IndeX gives researchers and scientists essential visual insights into massive supernova simulations and lets them explore the involved astrophysics processes.

IndeX Volume Visualization of a supernova

BigBrain: NVIDIA IndeX enables researchers to carve out and identify different features of particular interest inside the visualizations.

Human brain dataset rendered using NVIDIA IndeX

Microscopy: With NVIDIA IndeX, researchers can visualize expansion microscopy and lattice light-sheet microscopy to derive knowledge from large data in real time.

Microscopy data visualized using NVIDIA IndeX.

Cholla: NVIDIA IndeX allows researchers and scientists to create specialized visualizations techniques (see XAC API need LINK/TODO) that helps answer specific analysis questions regarding large-scale galactic flow phenomena.

Astrophysics simulations visualized using NVIDIA IndeX

Survey of Parihaka Region in New Zealand: NVIDIA IndeX can be used to implement effective visualizations providing valuable cues and insights into subsurface structures for efficient data interpretation. The visualization of the entire Parihaka survey demonstrates that NVIDIA IndeX can utilize multiple GPUs for interactive exploration of seismic data ultimately at any scale for efficient data interpretation.

Learn more about NVIDIA IndeX on Google Cloud.

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