NVIDIA GTC: Top XR Sessions

Extended reality (XR) has changed the way we enjoy entertainment, interact with friends, and get our jobs done. 

NVIDIA continues to be on the forefront of delivering groundbreaking solutions for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and you can experience it all at NVIDIA GTC, which runs from November 8 – 11. 

This year, GTC features several sessions covering topics across the future of immersive environments, XR streaming, interactive trainings and simulations, and more. Hear how HTC, Innoactive, Horizon Productions, Wevr and others are leveraging NVIDIA solutions like CloudXR, RTXGI, VRWorks and Omniverse to push the limits of XR development.

Below is a preview of the top must-attend sessions for XR developers.

Dive Into Cloud Streaming and 5G

CloudXR and XR Streaming 101
Get a technical overview of VR and AR streaming techniques, the strategies being developed, and discover their pros and cons vis-à-vis different devices and use cases. Then, learn more about the NVIDIA CloudXR SDK, from how it works, to how you can use it. 

Enabling Creators with 5G: Streaming High-Fidelity Location-based XR Experiences to Multiple Users
Learn how AT&T, Wevr, and Ericsson created and delivered the first end-to-end 5G multi-user location-based VR (LBVR) experience. Up-to eight users were able to participate in the experience, which was enabled by the short latency and large bandwidth of 5G streaming directly to a headset. The experience ran over a virtualized cluster of NVIDIA CloudXR-enabled servers, and this same system forms the base for offering shared XR experiences in LBVR, manufacturing collaborations, design reviews, and more.

VR Anywhere: Streaming Autodesk VRED from AWS Cloud
Join us for a panel featuring experts from Autodesk VRED, AWS and NVIDIA XR as they discuss how they delivered high-quality extended reality experiences from the cloud over connections to tethered, and untethered devices.

Tackle Complex Workflows Across Industries with XR

Scaling XR Applications with CloudXR, Edge Computing, and 5G
In many industries like location-based XR (LBXR), manufacturing, or engineering, XR developers are dealing with numerous moving parts and requirements. In this session, QuarkXR will share their experience of scaling XR applications for LBXR, manufacturing, and robotic teleoperation using CloudXR, edge computing and 5G. Learn how CloudXR enabled them to simplify deployment, meet enterprise requirements, and deliver desktop XR quality to standalone HMD.

Automotive Inspection Training Revolutionized
VR is the ultimate medium for training factory workers, as it enables highly immersive experiences that closely mimic the real world without the risk, cost and physical location requirements of traditional trainings. In this panel discussion, learn how TÜV SÜD, one of the world’s leading testing, certification, auditing, and advisory services companies, is streaming NVIDIA CloudXR from Microsoft Azure with Innoactive to enable deployment of VR training for automotive inspection and maintenance — anywhere, anytime.

Discover New Levels of XR with the Latest NVIDIA Technologies

The Lighting of the Future in Today’s VR with NVIDIA RTXGI
Offline technologies like ray tracing and global illumination bring more advantages in interactive applications. VR projects have particularly demanding frame rate requirements, which can keep these applications a generation behind in graphics quality. In this session, Horizon Productions will share how they’re building state-of-the-art VR and AR experiences for enterprise clients, showing how RTXGI can dynamically adjust lighting with the environment — even as the time of day and weather changes.

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