Scale XR Workflows with NVIDIA CloudXR Suite

NVIDIA is providing developers with an advanced platform to create scalable, branded, custom extended reality (XR) products with the new NVIDIA CloudXR Suite.

Built on a new architecture, NVIDIA CloudXR Suite is a major step forward in scaling the XR ecosystem. It provides a platform for developers, professionals, and enterprise teams to flexibly orchestrate and scale XR workloads across operating systems, including virtual machines in Windows and Linux-based systems such as containers. 

With the NVIDIA CloudXR streaming stack, you can build flexible, high-performance cloud solutions capable of streaming the most demanding immersive experiences. Teams can also access NVIDIA streaming technology to effectively manage the quality of the streaming across large public and private networks, including the Internet.

Diagram shows different components labeled CloudXR Essentials, CloudXR Server Extensions, and CloudXR Client Extensions. These components are part of the new architecture for the CloudXR Suite.
Figure 1. NVIDIA CloudXR Suite consists of three components: CloudXR Essentials, CloudXR Server Extensions, and CloudXR Client Extensions

Immersive content developers have a challenge in supporting both tethered devices, driven by high-powered graphics cards, and mobile devices that have limited graphics power.  

Using NVIDIA CloudXR, you can create high-quality versions of applications—built to take advantage of powerful GPUs—and still target users with mobile XR devices using NVIDIA CloudXR streaming. 

Additionally, cloud service providers (CSPs), orchestrators, and system integrators can extend GPU services with interactive graphics to support next-generation XR applications. 

NVIDIA CloudXR Suite is composed of three components:

  • CloudXR Essentials
  • CloudXR Server Extensions
  • CloudXR Client Extensions

CloudXR Essentials provides the underlying streaming layer, complete with new improvements such as 5G L4S optimizations, QoS algorithms, and enhanced logging tools. ‌Essentials also includes the SteamVR plug-in, along with sample clients and a new server-side API that can be directly integrated into XR applications. This removes the need for a separate XR runtime.

CloudXR Server Extensions extend server-side interfaces with a source code addition to Collabora’s Monado OpenXR runtime. The new CloudXR Server API contained in CloudXR Essentials, plus the OpenXR API, represents the gateway to scaling XR distribution for orchestration partners. 

CloudXR Client Extensions empower you to build custom CloudXR client applications. The first offering is a Unity plug-in for CloudXR. With this plug-in, Unity app developers can more easily build applications with branded custom interfaces and lobbies before connecting to the CloudXR streaming server. 

“The new CloudXR Server Extensions bring more opportunities for software developers to use Monado’s OpenXR runtime to build next-generation immersive experiences,” said Frédéric Plourde, XR Lead at Collabora.

High-quality XR streaming for clients

PureWeb helps organizations across industries adopt real-time 3D technology to improve operations. Using NVIDIA CloudXR, PureWeb shows customers how to deliver complex, immersive XR workloads at scale, on their current devices.

“We want to provide our customers with access to the GPU resources and streaming technologies they need, so they can share immersive experiences without worrying about not having enough computing resources,” said Chris Jarabek, VP of Product Development at PureWeb. “With this new advancement through CloudXR Suite, we can better scale with OpenXR and build with that.” 

The team at Innoactive has integrated NVIDIA CloudXR into their VR application deployment platform, Innoactive Portal. Many Innoactive customers are using the platform to provide high-quality immersive XR experiences to users, wherever they are.

“Many of our customers are building applications and plan to stream them to all-in-one headsets or other mobile XR devices,” said Daniel Seidl, CEO of Innoactive. “By integrating CloudXR into our platform, we enable our customers to stream from AWS and Microsoft Azure, making XR streaming from the cloud more accessible than ever.”

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