Stephanie Rubenstein

Stephanie Rubenstein is a product marketing manager at NVIDIA, responsible for driving adoption of XR SDKs across the developer network. She has nearly a decade of experience helping both early-stage startups and global companies like Facebook successfully build and launch innovative products across augmented reality, cloud computing, and open source.
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Sunset, molecule, and avatar composite.
Generative AI

NVIDIA Announces Generative AI Services for Language, Visual Content, and Biology Applications

Generative AI is primed to transform the world’s industries and to solve today’s most important challenges. To enable enterprises to take advantage of the... 5 MIN READ
Three avatars, including JHH.
Data Center / Cloud

Develop Intelligent Virtual Assistants with NVIDIA Omniverse ACE Early Access

NVIDIA just announced at CES 2023 that early access is now available for NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE). Developers and teams building avatars and... 3 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

Building Cloud-Native, AI-Powered Avatars with NVIDIA Omniverse ACE

Explore the AI technology powering Violet, the interactive avatar showcased this week in the NVIDIA GTC 2022 keynote. Learn new details about NVIDIA Omniverse... 8 MIN READ
Content Creation / Rendering

Top Rendering Sessions for Developers at GTC 2022

Discover the latest traditional and neural rendering technologies and how they are accelerating professional visualization. 1 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

NVIDIA Announces Full Open Source of Material Definition Language to Streamline Graphics Pipelines

NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH 2022 announced the full open sourcing of Material Definition Language (MDL)—including the MDL Distiller and GLSL backend technologies—to... 2 MIN READ

NVIDIA GTC: Top XR Sessions

Extended reality (XR) has changed the way we enjoy entertainment, interact with friends, and get our jobs done.  NVIDIA continues to be on the forefront of... 3 MIN READ