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NVIDIA GameWorks Wins Grand Prize at CEDEC AWARDS 2016

NVIDIA GameWorks was awarded the CEDEC AWARDS 2016 Grand Prize, hosted this year at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Yokohama, Japan.
“We’re working hard every day to make interactive simulations that are used for drawings beautiful during game development, and also to improve their quality,” said NVIDIA’s Senior Manager of Asia-Pacific Developer Technology Bryan Dudash in his acceptance speech.
The CEDEC AWARDS focuses on technologies that have had remarkable results in advancing the development of computer entertainment. NVIDIA was not only one of the seven recipients of the Excellence Award in the engineering division, but also received the Grand Prize with the support of engineers attending CEDEC 2016.
GameWorks provides developers access to NVIDIA’s cutting-edge computer graphics, physics and special effect technologies, giving them the ability to take advantage of the work by thousands of NVIDIA engineers.
By using a variety of GameWorks’ algorithms and tool sets, game developers can easily incorporate refined graphics and visual effects into their games. The result: developers can create better games, faster than ever before.

To get started with GameWorks, register for the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program >

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