New Real-Time SmartNIC Technology 5T-for-5G Optimizes 5G Access and Edge Networks

NVIDIA announced a new technology embedded in its NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC and BlueField-2 I/O Processing Unit to optimize 5G networks.

Referred to as 5T-for-5G, or time-triggered transmission technology for telco, this new technology delivers superbly accurate time synchronization across front-haul and mid-haul networks, providing telecommunications providers with higher performance, more accurate timing, and reduced costs in their 5G CloudRAN rollouts.

Also announced today is the new EGX A100 edge server platform which includes ConnectX-6 Dx with 5T-for-5G technology.

The EGX A100 with 5T-for-5G technology,  provides the ideal reference architecture for software-defined, hardware-accelerated 5G radio access networks to keep all your connections on-time.

EGX A100 features ConnectX-6 Dx 2x100G connectivity with 5T-for-5G technology for distributed CloudRAN

New 5T-for-5G  features on Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNICs enable real-time data transmission offloads with more high timing accuracy at the lowest cost to power 5G CloudRAN and edge rollouts:

  • Real-time transmission hardware acceleration: 5T-for-5G simplifies time synchronization and data transmission across servers, GPUs, radios, and baseband units in wireless network rollouts, making 5G rollouts easier and more efficient.
  • Precise time stamping: It supports IEEE 1588v2 PTP for precise timing synchronization.
  • Highest clock accuracy: It ensures extremely precise timing accuracy within 16 ns, adhering to the stringent ITU-T G8273.2 standard.
  • eCPRI windowing: It supports precise transmission of eCPRI packets within the O-RAN specified timing window.
  • ASAP2 time-based flow engine: It allows packet time stamping and time-bound packet steering using Mellanox ASAP2.
  • Highly efficient: 5T-for-5G enables more accurate time synchronization than software solutions and lower costs and power consumption than traditional FPGA-based solutions, enabling efficient CloudRAN and edge rollouts.
  • NVIDIA EGX–ready: Developers can create GPU-based CloudRAN solutions with the NVIDIA Aerial SDK that use precise timing without investing in expensive and proprietary FPGA solutions. 

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