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Live Public Preview and Blog for CUDA on WSL Now Available

Back at the Build developers conference in May, Microsoft announced the intent for a Public Preview program for the latest version of their Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) capability on Microsoft Windows platforms. The live keynote demonstrated NVIDIA GPU-accelerated support via CUDA on WSL, and AI frameworks run as Linux executables on Microsoft Windows platforms. 

Today, NVIDIA and Microsoft’s collaboration opens the Public Preview accessibility for those registered in the NVIDIA Developer Program and the Microsoft Windows Insider Program. Program members can access the CUDA Driver/Container package via Downloads and Documentation from NVIDIA’s CUDA on our WSL page

Targeting a spectrum of AI enthusiasts from expert data scientists, to beginners, and students, WSL and the work that NVIDIA has done now puts GPU-accelerated DL at the fingertips of Windows users. With the interface layer enabled in WSL 2, NVIDIA can now deliver CUDA programming support, open source software libraries such as RAPIDS, and pre-validated deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, MXNet, and PyTorch to a growing wave of new users, leveraging their familiar Windows systems. 

Please see our new Developer Blog, CUDA on Windows Subsystem for Linux, to learn much more about the NVIDIA-Microsoft WSL collaboration, how CUDA works with the Windows Subsystem for Linux, NVIDIA Docker containers, and how to get started with Linux deep learning applications like TensorFlow.  

Enabling Windows users across numerous industry, academic, and personal domains, NVIDIA has validated the CUDA on WSL support on a variety of NVIDIA graphics cards and laptops powered by GPUs – including systems like: NVIDIA GeForce, and NVIDIA Quadro. 

NVIDIA WSL documentation and download images can be found on our CUDA on WSL web page, and developers can use our Forum for sharing their public preview feedback with the WSL community.

Microsoft has also published new information in their new Public Preview Blog.  

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