Insider’s Guide to GTC: Cybersecurity, Data Center, Data Science, and Networking

Join us at GTC, March 21-24, to explore the latest technology and research across AI, computer vision, data science, robotics, and more! 

With over 900 options to choose from, our NVIDIA experts put together some can’t-miss sessions to help get you started: 

Cybersecurity / Fraud Detection

Preventing Cyberattacks using Automation and AI-based Security
Dorit Dor, VP Products, Check Point

Join Dorit Dor, one of the leading personas of the global cyber security market, and get the most elaborate and professional introduction for AI use cases in the cyber security arena.

Build AI-enhanced, Next-generation Cybersecurity Solutions
Bartley Richardson, Senior Data Scientist and AI Infrastructure Manager, NVIDIA 
Hema Vivekanandan, Security Analyst, NVIDIA
Pradeep Thalasta, Data Scientist, NVIDIA

Join Bartley Richardson, a pioneer of new approaches to data structures as a professor and researcher at Thomas More University, as he discusses how AI techniques like NLP can keep your organization ahead of new, evolved digital threats. He will be joined by Hemakamakshi Vivekanandan and Pradeep Thalasta from NVIDIA to outline the potential of AI to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry.

How Best Buy Aims to Better Secure Their Data Centers with Defensive Cybersecurity Operations
Nick Tobash, Director for Incident Response, Cyber Hunt, and Investigations, Best Buy

On top of selling cutting-edge consumer technology, Best Buy makes sure to leverage the best enterprise technology available internally. Hear from Nick Tobash, who’s been leading Best Buy’s cybersecurity strategy for 6 years, on how innovation in cybersecurity techniques can be used in real-world applications to protect the retail business. Nick has extensive experience in retail data protection, and will focus on how organizations can rise to the occasion of meeting threats in a constantly evolving landscape.

Data Center / Edge / Cloud

Redefining Grid Operations from the Edge 
Marissa Hummon, CTO of Utilidata

Hear from Marissa Hummon, author of 11 technical publications on power grid management, winner of the Edison Award and Grid Edge Innovation Award, and Top Women in Energy honoree. Hummon will share how accelerated computing through AI and ML can deliver greater value to utilities and customers while unlocking new opportunities for clean-energy companies and third-party developers.

Accelerating Intelligent Spaces with Edge Computing
Justin Boitano, VP/GM Enterprise and Edge Computing, NVIDIA

2021 saw massive growth in the demand for edge computing driven by the pandemic and for the need for more efficient business processes. Justin Boitano will talk about the key advances in the IoT, 5G, and edge AI that are helping enterprises digitally transform their business.

Enabling Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation with Edge AI-on-5G solution
CC Chong, Senior Director of Product Management, NVIDIA 
Vinay Dhar, SVP Business Development, Emerging Business, Mavenir 
Mani Sankaran, Senior Director Product Management, Mavenir 

In the decade leading up to 2030, technological developments and commercial use of AI and 5G will transform the enterprise landscape and accelerate economic growth. Mavenir and NVIDIA are partnering to deliver flexible, efficient, reliable, and secure AI applications over 5G networks. This session showcases the vertical blueprint of AI-on-5G for computer vision that will drive digital transformation across industries.

Data Science

Accelerating the End-to-End Data Science Life Cycle across Tasks and Teams
William Benton, Principal Product Architect, NVIDIA
Sophie Watson, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Data Science, NVIDIA

NVIDIA AI Enterprise accelerates the process for creating modern applications driven by deep learning and AI. Our experts will reveal how they simplify and streamline processes to make it easier to build powerful applications. This leads to faster execution of GPU-accelerated data preparation, machine learning training, and inference applications.

How AT&T Data Science Team Solved an Insurmountable Big Data Challenge on Databricks with RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark and NVIDIA GPUs
Chris Vo, Principal Member of Tech Staff at AT&T Chief Data Office, AT&T
Hao Zhu, Senior Manager, Accelerated Spark applications, NVIDIA

With enormous 50TB datasets and complex data engineering tasks, data-driven personalization is an insurmountable challenge for AT&T’s data science team. Chris Vo from AT&T will talk about how their team designed and tested various experiments, which ultimately resulted in improved content recommendation and classification, all while reducing infrastructure costs.

Large-scale Machine Learning with Snowflake and RAPIDS
Nick Becker, Engineering Manager, RAPIDS, NVIDIA
Miles Adkins, Senior Partner Sales Engineer, AI & ML, Snowflake
Subhan Ali, Senior Developer Relations Manager, NVIDIA
Moselle Freitas, Technology Alliances Director, Snowflake
Ayush Dattagupta, Software Engineer, NVIDIA

The modern machine learning workflow faces two major bottlenecks: 1) moving large amounts of data is difficult, and 2) scaling out with this data is even harder. In this session, you’ll learn from the NVIDIA RAPIDS and Snowflake teams about how the combination of Snowflake and RAPIDS + Dask enables a supercharged workflow, where data can move easily and the models trained on that data can run in a fraction of the time.


Cloud-Native Supercomputing’s Next Phase: Multi-Tenant Performance Isolation
Gilad Shainer, SVP Networking, NVIDIA
Jithin Jose, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Hear from Microsoft Azure cloud computing services backend developer and author of over 25 papers, Jithin Jose. Jose and Gilad Shainer discuss how HPC and AI have evolved to use multitenant, isolation, and congestion control to help improve performance in cloud-native supercomputing.

Why Project Monterey Innovative Architecture is Required for the New Generation of Applications
Motti Beck, Enterprise Market Development, NVIDIA 
Gregory Pruett, Distinguished Engineer, Lenovo DCG
Greg Pruett, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, Lenovo

Project Monterey rearchitects VMware Cloud Foundation from the hardware up to support new requirements for modern applications. In this session learn how to leverage accelerators to improve the performance of offloaded tasks while freeing CPU cycles for core application workloads.

BlueField Partner’s DPU Storage Solutions and Use Cases
Rob Davis, VP Storage Technology, Networking Platform Group, NVIDIA

NVMe is more than faster flash storage. It enables vastly more efficient transport of data between storage systems and servers. But how do you achieve the full potential of NVMe? In this session, Rob Davis looks at new and modern approaches to optimizing networked storage solutions while introducing intelligent use cases that improve efficiency and performance.

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