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Emotional AI Solution Won Texas Children’s Hospital Healthcare Hackathon Touchless Experience Category

Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the top-ranked children’s hospitals in the United States, hosted its inaugural innovation-focused hackathon, themed “Hospital of the Future,” from May 14th – May 24th 2021. This hackathon attracted 500 participants, and sponsored by NVIDIA, Mark III, HPE, Google Cloud, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Unity, and H-E-B Digital.

NVIDIA Inception member, IPMD won the Touchless Experience category of Texas Children’s Hospital Healthcare Hackathon with its Project M emotional AI solution. The Touchless Experience category aimed to transform physical touchpoints into touchless and seamless, but still personal and trustworthy digital healthcare experience. Participants were encouraged to show solutions that could integrate into the workspace to fit current and future needs of smart hospitals. 

Project M is an accurate emotional AI platform designed to detect human emotions based on hidden and micro facial expressions. This medical device utilizes machine learning solutions with custom-built CNN-based algorithms to detect human emotions on NVIDIA Clara Guardian. There are eight universal categories of human emotions (anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happy, neutral, sad, and surprise), and each of these emotions can be identified to have at least four different intensities, totaling approximately 400,000 different variable emotions. IPMD collected over 200,000 labeled inputs and reached over 95% overall ROC/AUC scores during the hackathon and won the category. 

They used NVIDIA Clara Guardian, a smart hospital application framework, which consists of CUDA-X software, such as TensorFlow, TensorRTcuDNN, and CUDA, to train and deploy many emotions and moods with high accuracy. It was trained on a 12 NVIDIA V100 GPUs for 500 hours per month, and inference was on NVIDIA V100 GPUs for 1,000 hours a month on AWS. You can give it a test spin here

“We’re excited to recognize IPMD and believe this project sparked a lot of great ideas amongst our panel of executive judges and added to the excitement for all of the possibilities new technologies bring to the hospital of the future.” said Melanie Lowther, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Texas Children’s Hospital.

“As an NVIDIA NPN Elite Partner, Mark III was proud to partner with Texas Children’s around The Hospital of the Future hackathon,” said Andy Lin, VP Strategy and Innovation for Mark III Systems.  “We are huge advocates of the NVIDIA developer ecosystem and the NVIDIA Inception program and thrilled at what IPMD was able to put together around emotional AI, as healthcare moves closer to the reality of a smart hospital.”

IPMD’s future plan is to register Project M as a Software as Medical Device under the US FDA. Soon they will be embedded into a mental telehealth platform to help physicians and mental health professionals better understand their patients’ emotional states to maximize treatment outcomes. 

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