Renee Yao

Renee Yao leads global healthcare AI startups at NVIDIA, managing 1300+ healthcare startups in digital health, medical instrument, medical imaging, genomics, and drug discovery segments. Previously she worked as a senior product manager and product marketing manager for AI Systems at NVIDIA, building bundle solutions and reference architectures for self-driving car, telecom, and big data analytics industries. She graduated from Haas School of Business at the UC Berkeley, with a focus in economics and IT. Renee was named one of the top 50 B2B product marketers to watch. In her free time, she enjoys competitive ballroom dancing, reading, and traveling.

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NVIDIA Inception Partners Won Veterans Affairs AI Tech Sprint Awards with Latest AI Technologies

Hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the sprint is designed to foster collaboration with industry and academic partners on AI-enabled tools that… 4 MIN READ
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Emotional AI Solution Won Texas Children’s Hospital Healthcare Hackathon Touchless Experience Category

NVIDIA Inception member, IPMD won the Touchless Experience category of Texas Children’s Hospital Healthcare Hackathon with its Project M emotional AI solution. 3 MIN READ