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Just Announced: CUDA 11.4

NVIDIA announces our newest release of the CUDA development environment consisting of GPU-accelerated libraries, debugging and optimization tools, an updated C/C++ compiler, and a runtime library to build and deploy your application on major architectures including NVIDIA Ampere, x86, Arm server processors, and POWER. The latest release, CUDA 11.4, and its features are focused on enhancing the programming model, new language support, and performance of your CUDA applications.

Click here to read the recently published blog post that provides an overview of all the new features in CUDA 11.4.

Key features:

  • CUDA Programming model enhancements
    • CUDA Graph launch performance
    • Multi-process Service (MPS) features
    • Asynchronous Programming model
  • Language support – CUDA
    • C++ support enhancements
    • Python support
  • Compiler enhancements
  • CUDA Driver enhancements
    • GPUDirect RDMA package inclusion
    • GPUDirect Storage package inclusion

CUDA 11.4 ships with R470 driver. The driver now includes GPUDirect RDMA, as well as GPUDirect Storage packages that streamline and enable you to leverage these technologies without the need for separate installation of additional packages. The driver also enables new MIG configurations for the recently launched NVIDIA A30 GPU to double the amount of memory per MIG slice. This results in optimal performance for various workloads on the A30 GPU, especially for AI Inference workloads.

Looking to learn more about the release? We will be publishing a technical blog post next week that will take a deep dive in all the new CUDA 11.4 features.


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CUDA 11.4 Developer Blog post

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