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CUDA Toolkit 11 and Nsight Developer Tools Released for General Availability

NVIDIA announced the NVIDIA Ampere architecture in May and disclosed the new NVIDIA A100 GPU was supported in an RC posting of CUDA Toolkit and Nsight Developer Tools. 

Today, NVIDIA announces the General Availability (GA) of CUDA 11, Nsight Systems 2020.3 and Nsight Compute 2020.1 for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

The new releases introduce support for the many new features and capabilities of the NVIDIA A100 GPU, performance-optimized libraries, Arm server processor support, and new developer tool capabilities like Roofline Analysis. 

To learn more about the vast array of capabilities:

NVIDIA Ampere Architecture – A100 GPU


For more detailed information, GTC Digital has numerous on-demand recorded sessions that cover CUDA and Nsight topics, including:

You can also view HPC Summit Digital on-demand, including a Developer Forum, an Ampere Roundtable, and more by registering or logging in here.

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