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New AI Technologies Introduced at GTC 2020 Keynote

At GTC 2020, NVIDIA announced and shipped a range of new AI SDKs, enabling developers to support the new Ampere architecture. For the first time, developers have the tools to build end-to-end deep learning-based pipelines for conversational AI and recommendation systems.

Announcing NVIDIA Riva, an accelerated SDK for conversational AI services

Today, NVIDIA announced Riva, a fully accelerated application framework building multimodal conversational AI services. It includes state-of-the-art DL models, tools for transfer learning and deployment, as well as optimized services that run under 300 ms, the threshold for real-time applications, versus 25 seconds on CPU-only systems. Riva integrates several components:

  • NeMo: Open-source toolkit to build and fine-tune state-of-the-art conversational AI models.Includes Python module collections to build models easily, supports mixed precision compute to speed up training and fine-tuning, and can deploy to Riva services for use in production.
  • Megatron-BERT: World’s largest BERT model with state-of-the-art accuracy for reading comprehension with 3.9 B parameters. With innovations to the model architecture, the model trains efficiently and scales linearly to hundreds of GPUs and the accuracy increases as the model size grows.
  • TensorRT 7.1: High-performance SDK optimized for NVIDIA A100 GPUs, and includes new optimizations to accelerate BERT inference using INT8 precision. This delivers 6x higher performance than V100 GPUs. Version 7.1 builds on conversational AI capabilities to achieve real-time performance across speech recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech models.
  • Flowtron: State-of-the-art speech synthesis model that generates more realistic and controllable voice expression by sampling from an invertible flow-based model. The model debuted publicly for the first time as the narrator of the newly released I AM AI opening keynote video at GTC Digital 2020. The model is described in a preprint paper available on arXiv.

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Announcing NVIDIA Merlin, an application framework for deep learning recommender systems

Today, NVIDIA announced NVIDIA Merlin, an application framework for building deep learning-based recommendation systems. It includes tools for each stage of the pipeline; NVTabular for feature engineering/preprocessing and HugeCTR for distributed training of popular deep recommender models. Each tool is optimized to support hundreds of terabytes of data, and accessible through easy-to-use APIs.

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