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Inception Spotlight: Watch Deepgram Transcribe 10 Hours of Audio in Just 40 Seconds using GPUs

Deepgram, a company developing automatic speech recognition (ASR) deep learning models, recently published a new demo that highlights the speed and scalability… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Facebook AI Model Translates Between 100 Languages Without English Data

Facebook AI recently announced they are open sourcing a deep learning model called M2M-100 that can translate any language pair, among 100 languages… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

NVIDIA Research at C-MIMI: Understanding Speech to Automate Charting for Telemedicine and Beyond

In a new research paper, NVIDIA researchers deploy a state-of-the-art pretrained speech architecture to help clinicians augment patient experience with key… 5 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Emory University Students Win Amazon’s Alexa Prize for their AI Chatbot

A team of Emory University students won Amazon’s 2020 Alexa Socialbot Grand Challenge, a worldwide competition to create that most engaging AI chatbot. 3 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Microsoft Research Unveils New BERT-Based Biomedical NLP AI Model

To help accelerate natural language processing in biomedicine, Microsoft Research developed a BERT-based AI model that outperforms previous biomedicine NLP… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Netflix Builds Proof-of-Concept AI Model to Simplify Subtitles for Translation

To help localize subtitles from English to other languages, such as Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese, Netflix developed a proof-of-concept AI model that can… 2 MIN READ