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Multilingual and Code-Switched Automatic Speech Recognition with NVIDIA NeMo

Multilingual automatic speech recognition (ASR) models have gained significant interest because of their ability to transcribe speech in more than one language.... 7 MIN READ
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Explainer: What Is Conversational AI?

Real-time natural language understanding will transform how we interact with intelligent machines and applications. < 1
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Upcoming Event: Speech AI Summit 2022

Join experts from Google, Meta, NVIDIA, and more at the first annual NVIDIA Speech AI Summit. Register now! < 1
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New Course: Get Started with Highly Accurate Custom ASR for Speech AI

Learn how to build, train, customize, and deploy a GPU-accelerated automatic speech recognition service with NVIDIA Riva in this self-paced course. < 1
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Building an Automatic Speech Recognition Model for the Kinyarwanda Language

Speech recognition technology is growing in popularity for voice assistants and robotics, for solving real-world problems through assisted healthcare or... 6 MIN READ
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Low-Code Building Blocks for Speech AI Robotics

When examining an intricate speech AI robotic system, it’s easy for developers to feel intimidated by its complexity. Arthur C. Clarke claimed, “Any... 8 MIN READ