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AI Composer Creates Music for Films and Games

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AIVA Technologies, one of the leading startups in the field of AI music composition, developed a deep learning-based system that is the world’s first non-human to officially acquire the worldwide status of Composer.
AIVA is registered under the France and Luxembourg authors’ right society (SACEM), where all of its works reside with a copyright to its own name – AIVA’s first album called Genesis was recorded in collaboration with human artists. The musical pieces will be used by advertising agencies, film directors and game studios.
Using CUDA, TITAN X Pascal GPUs and cuDNN with the TensorFlow deep learning framework,  “we have taught a deep neural network to understand the art of music composition by reading through a large database of classical partitions written by the most famous composers (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc),” mentioned the Avia team. “Aiva is capable of capturing concepts of music theory just by doing this acquisition of existing musical works.”
Once trained, GPUs help AIVA compose its very own sheet music – the partitions are then played by professional artists on real instruments in a recording studio.

The AIVA team has plans of teaching the AI how to play any style of music.
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