Download NVIDIA Nsight Graphics

System Requirements

Operating Systems Requirements
Windows 10
  • 20H1
  • 20H2
  • 21H1
  • 21H2
Windows 11
  • 21H2
  • 22H1
  • 22H2
Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04
RHEL 7.6
Centos 7.6
Arch Linux 2021.05.01
C++ Capture Build RequirementsVisual Studio 2019GCC 5.0 or later
GNU Make

Hardware Configurations

Hardware ConfigurationSingle GPU SystemDual GPU SystemTwo systems, each with a GPUMicrosoft Hybrid Equipped Notebook
Graphics Frame Debugger
Supported GeForce GPUsGTX 10-series or better, RTX 20-series.
RTX 30-series, RTX 40-series
Dell XPS 15
Optimus Equipped

Notebook and

Microsoft Hybrid


Supported Quadro GPUsRTX-Series or better
Display driverPlease use the latest driver for best results. Download the latest drivers here.
See here for a complete list of officially supported hardware.

Supported APIs

  • Direct3D 12
  • Direct3D 11.0-11.4
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Vulkan 1.2
  • NV Vulkan Raytracing Extension
  • KHR Vulkan Raytracing Extension
  • OpenGL 4.2 - 4.6
  • Oculus SDK
  • OpenVR
  • NVTX

Latest Version - Nsight Graphics 2022.6

Nsight Graphics 2022.6 is available to download now.

Version 2022.6 release notes.

Nsight Graphics 2022.3 is available to download for the DRIVE platform. 2022.3 introduces support for the VK_KHR_graphics_pipeline_library Vulkan extension as well as performance improvements to the acceleration structure viewer.

Nsight Graphics is bundled as part of DRIVE OS for development and deployment on DRIVE AGX-based autonomous vehicles.

Release Notes

2022.6 - 2022/11/30

2022.5 - 2022/11/09

2022.4 - 2022/08/10

  • API Inspector redesign and UX improvement
  • OpenGL support for GPU Trace
  • New subchannel switches viewer
  • View full release notes

2022.3 - 2022/05/31

  • Support for VK_KHR_graphics_pipeline_library Vulkan extension
  • Acceleration structure viewer performance improvements
  • View full release notes

2022.2 - 2022/03/22

  • Shader timing heatmap to identify hotspots where ray generation shaders are expensive
  • GPU Trace now shows external processes that could be interfering
  • AABB heatmap visualization mode
  • View full release notes

View full release history here.

Feature List

View the full Nsight Graphics feature list.


Read older version release notes in the Nsight Graphics Revision History.


Nsight Graphics Documentation

Release Notes

Release notes and known issues.

Installation Guide

Guides on how to install NVIDIA Nsight Graphics.

User Guide

The user guide for NVIDIA Nsight Graphics.

Advanced Learning

This section will focus on the primary Nsight Graphics tools key concepts, advanced information and how to's.

Copyright and Licenses

Information on the NVIDIA Software License Agreement as well as third party software and tools used by Nsight Graphics.



Nsyst Ngfx

Fundamentals of Ray Tracing Development using NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and NVIDIA Nsight Systems

Learn how to utilize Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems to profile and optimize 3D Applications that are using Ray Tracing. Using an example application, you'll learn how to: understand how modern GPUs function and how to properly feed the graphics pipeline, identify GPU bottlenecks that degrade performance by inspecting low level metrics, analyze profiler data, and optimize some example workloads to achieve peak performance.


Connect with the Experts: Getting Started with Ray Tracing and NVIDIA's Ray Tracing Developer Tools

The team that builds NVIDIA's real-time ray-tracing tools, such as Nsight Graphics discuss the principles behind real-time ray tracing using modern APIs such as DXR and Vulkan Ray Tracing. They also cover how developer tools can help to accelerate development time, solve real-world problems like performance issues, and help you to identify hard-to-find GPU crashes.


Leveraging NVIDIA Graphics DevTools for High-performance Ray-tracing Applications

Learn how to leverage a professional grade graphics debugger and profiler to integrate new technologies into modern applications. You'll see how Nsight Graphics and Nsight Systems can be used to save you time in making a cutting-edge ray-tracing application that looks beautiful and performs well on modern GPUs.

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gpu trace

The Next Level of Optimization Advice with Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace

See beyond the numbers. Many performance analysis tools present data, and only data, on the behavior of an application. Interpreting the data and drawing actionable conclusions requires an expert-level understanding of the hardware. GPU Trace introduces a new analysis tool that captures some of that knowledge by using powerful heuristics and rules.


Building Acceleration Structures Using Async Compute - YouTube

Ngfx cpu trace

NVIDIA Nsight Feature Spotlight: GPU Trace

GPU Trace is a new frame-level profiler for graphics applications within NVIDIA NSight. With GPU Trace on #RTX, developers can collect GPU performance data on a single pass.

Ngfx Oli

Building Acceleration Structures Using Async Compute

Learn what async compute is and what it offers for building ray tracing acceleration structures. Acceleration structure builds are efficient on NVIDIA GPUs, leaving plenty of opportunities for other workloads to run in parallel. It’s almost always worth it.

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