Feature List

Frame Capture and Live Analysis

Allows you to capture a frame and perform a real-time examination of rendering calls including GPU pipeline state, including visualization of bound textures, geometry and unordered access views.

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Profiling and Performance Counters

Nsight provides a powerful set of tools to assess the performance of your application from a multiplicity of angles. With these tools, you can optimize the rendering of your application, see detailed GPU utilization, and automatically determine performance limiters.

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GPU Trace

GPU Trace is a low-level profiler that can be used for developers to optimize applications. It runs on live applications and captures GPU Units' utilization throughout frame execution. The GPU Trace captured report may help to detect bottlenecks in the GPU Pipeline, as well as areas where your application is under utilizing the GPU.

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Dynamic Shader Editing

Edit your shaders while running under Nsight, without having to rebuild your application. Perform functional experiments, measure performance of different variations on your shader, or change your visualization to help you debug problems.

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C++ Capture

C++ Capture activity allows you to export an application frame as C++ code to be compiled and run as a self-contained application for later analysis, debugging, profiling, regression testing, and edit-and-compile experimentation.

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Pixel History

Pixel history enables the automatic detection of the draw, clear, and data-update events that contributed to the change in a pixel's value. In addition, pixel history can identify the fragments that failed to modify a particular texture target, allowing you to understand why a draw might be failing, such as whether you may have misconfigured API state in setting up your pipeline.

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Nsight Aftermath

With Nsight Aftermath, developers can generate a GPU “mini-dump” file from a live running graphics application that contains detailed information about the GPU pipeline. This information can be used to pinpoint not only where in the user code the faulting workload was launched, but vital data about the pipeline to understand why the exception was triggered. These GPU "mini-dump" files provide debugging information for the immediate problem, and an artifact for tracking problem trends and patterns.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Integration

Nsight Graphics has support for NVIDIA Nsight Integration, a Visual Studio extension that allows you to access the power of Nsight Graphics from within Visual Studio. When Nsight Graphics is installed along with NVIDIA Nsight Integration, Nsight Graphics activities will appear under the Nsight menu in the Visual Studio menu bar. These activities launch Nsight Graphics with the current project settings and executable, allowing you to reuse all of the settings without manually copying any setting over.

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Shader Profiling

The Shader Profiler is a tool for analyzing the performance of SM-limited workloads. It helps you, as a developer, identify the reasons that your shader is stalling and thus lowering performance. With the data that the shader profiler provides, you can investigate, at both a high- and low-level, how to get more performance out of your shaders.

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Supported APIs

  • Direct3D 12
  • Direct3D 11.0-11.4
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Vulkan 1.2
  • NV Vulkan Raytracing Extension
  • KHR Vulkan Raytracing Extension
  • OpenGL 4.2 - 4.5
  • Oculus SDK
  • OpenVR
  • NVTX

Feature Support by API

The following features are available in the latest version of NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics:

Feature/API supported Direct3D 11 Direct3D 12 DirectX Raytracing OpenGL 4.2 - 4.6
with many extensions supported
with many extensions supported
Vulkan Ray Tracing Extensions
Frame Capture and Live Analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Range Profiling and Performance Counters Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes Yes
Shader Profiling   Yes Yes   Yes Yes
C++ Capture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pixel History Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Shader Editing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPU Trace   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nsight Aftermath   Yes Yes   Yes Yes