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Zebra Medical Vision Wins NVIDIA’s “Inception Champion” Award

Big data visualization startup Zebra Medical Vision took home the inaugural award  for their significant advancements of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning using NVIDIA GPUs.
The world has an aging population and the demand for medical imaging services is quickly outpacing the supply of radiologists.
Israel-based Zebra Medical Vision uses big data to deliver large-scale clinical research platforms and next generation imaging analytics services to the healthcare industry. Their real-time solution allows healthcare providers to analyze millions of imaging records to understand the risk profile of their patients, detect and predict disease and assist in building and managing preventative care programs.
The startup is using Tesla K80 GPUs and cuDNN to train their deep learning models how to read and diagnose medical images – with the ability to detect and classify bone health, fatty liver, emphysema, coronary artery calcium, and brain bleeds.
The award was presented at the AI Summit, the world’s largest AI Business event, in a special “Inception Champion” category. The category pulled from the 1,000+ AI startups in the NVIDIA Inception Program, a virtual incubator that assists its members during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.
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