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Improving Enterprise IT Fraud Prevention

This post discusses infrastructure factors to consider, such as performance, hardware, and types of AI software for implementing a fraud prevention strategy. 7 MIN READ
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Cloudera and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Data Analytics and AI at Scale

With Cloudera CDP and the power of NVIDIA computing, customers like IRS and Commerzbank can accelerate data processing and model training at a lower cost across any on-premises, public cloud, or hybri... 4 MIN READ
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Power Your Big Data Analytics with the Latest NVIDIA GPUs in the Cloud

To make it easier to leverage NVIDIA accelerated compute, we’ve added support for launching RAPIDS + Dask on the latest NVIDIA A100 GPUs in the cloud. 2 MIN READ
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Oil Giant Launches Supercomputer to Analyze Subsoil Data

The Italian multinational oil giant Eni deployed a 18.6 petaflops GPU-accelerated supercomputer, making it the most powerful industrial system in the world. 2 MIN READ
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Developer Spotlight: Applying Deep Learning to Aerospace Technologies and Integrated Systems

Vivek Venugopalan, a staff research scientist at the United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) shares how they are using deep learning and GPUs to understand… < 1
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Scientists Capture First Image of a Black Hole

Astronomers from around the world pointed their powerful telescopes towards a supermassive black hole that lies in the center of the Milky Way (nearly 26… 3 MIN READ