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University of Sydney Unveils a New GPU-accelerated Supercomputer to Fuel AI Research

The University of Sydney recently installed a new GPU-accelerated supercomputer called Artemis 3 to further the university’s artificial intelligence research in the areas of geophysics, cosmology, genomics, proteomics, economics, transport logistics, and medical imaging.
“The University’s research continues to grow in computational intensity,” said Dr. Jeremy Hammond, director of Strategic Ventures at The University of Sydney, Australia. “To stay ahead of the volume and velocity of data being generated by scientific instruments and sensors, researchers need high-performance computing technology to collect and process data faster, in real-time, or thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, with minimal human interaction.”
The new supercomputer augments the capabilities of Artemis 2, and in fact, two NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs have more computing power than Artemis and Artemis 2 combined.
As a whole, the Artemis cluster designed by Dell is equipped with 108 NVIDIA V100 GPUs and has a rPeak performance of 1 petaflops and rMax of 700 teraflops.
“With a greater number of research problems being data-driven, or more accessible because there is data, our researchers will be able to investigate questions that were previously unanswerable,” said Professor Geraint F Lewis, Deputy Director, Sydney Informatics Hub, The University of Sydney, Australia.
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