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Texas A&M Launches New GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer

Texas A&M installed a new $2.1 million supercomputer with 10 times the processing power of their previous system Eos, which was launched in 2009.
Nicknamed “Terra,” the new supercomputer will support projects that include developing new materials, discovering new drugs, forecasting storm surges and managing energy resources.
“Terra represents a new supercomputer iteration deployed at Texas A&M,” Liu said. “Our goal is to provide Terra’s services to Texas A&M scientists and engineers who are tackling complex problems that often require the use of 1,000 or more computational cores at once.”
Built by Lenovo, the Terra system features 48 Tesla K80 GPUs and will help researchers get results more quickly and more accurately than ever before.

Honggao Liu, director of High Performance Research Computing, with the Terra system.

Glen A. Laine, vice president for research, said, “Texas A&M has adopted and is steadily implementing a strategic vision for High Performance Research Computing, assigning it a central role in research and education. Building upon the previous investment in computer resources provided by Chancellor John Sharp of The Texas A&M University System, Terra will greatly expand the supercomputing capacity for the University and strengthen A&M’s national standing in this area.”

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