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Artificial Intelligence

Get Ready for the Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge with Jetson TK1

Image recognition and GPUs go hand-in-hand, particularly when using deep neural networks (DNNs). The strength of GPU-based DNNs for image recognition has been… 5 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

ArrayFire: A Portable Open-Source Accelerated Computing Library

The ArrayFire library is a high-performance software library with a focus on portability and productivity. It supports highly tuned… 6 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Embedded Machine Learning with the cuDNN Deep Neural Network Library and Jetson TK1

GPUs have quickly become the go-to platform for accelerating machine learning applications for training and classification. Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have… 3 MIN READ
Artificial Intelligence

CUDACasts Episode 21: Porting a simple OpenCV sample to the Jetson TK1 GPU

In the previous CUDACasts episode, we saw how to flash your Jetson TK1 to the latest release of Linux4Tegra, and install both the CUDA toolkit and OpenCV SDK. < 1
Accelerated Computing

CUDACasts Episode 20: Getting started with Jetson TK1 and OpenCV

The Jetson TK1 development kit has fast become a must-have for mobile and embedded parallel computing due the amazing level of performance packed into such a… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Low-Power Sensing and Autonomy With NVIDIA Jetson TK1

Learn how GE is using the power efficient Kepler-based GPU in the Jetson TK1 devkit for ground breaking work in imaging, signal processing, autonomy and machine learning. 11 MIN READ