Graphic of COVID-19 virus.
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AI Model Predicts Drug Synergies for Fighting COVID-19

Researchers develop a deep learning model that predicts optimal drug combinations for treating COVID-19 patients. 3 MIN READ
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New NVIDIA Kaolin Library Release Streamlines 3D Deep Learning Research Workflows

3D deep learning researchers can build on more cutting edge algorithms and simplify their workflows with the latest version of the Kaolin PyTorch Library. 3 MIN READ
Screen shot of a virtual dressing room.
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Giving Virtual Dressing Rooms a Makeover with Computer Vision

With the help of AI, a new fashion startup offers online retailers a scalable virtual dressing room, capable of cataloging over a million garment images weekly. 3 MIN READ
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Predicting Metastatic Cancer Risk with AI

Using movies of living cancer cells, scientists create a convolutional neural network that can identify and predict aggressive metastatic melanomas. 3 MIN READ
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Meet the Researcher: Peerapon Vateekul, Deep Learning Solutions for Medical Diagnosis and NLP

This researcher spotlight features Peerapon Vateekul, an assistant professor at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, whose work includes AI-assisted medical… 4 MIN READ
An ancient manuscript.
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Deciphering Ancient Texts with AI

Using machine learning and visual psychophysics, researchers are developing AI models capable of transcribing ancient manuscripts. 4 MIN READ