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X-ray Research Reveals Hazards in Airport Luggage Using Crystal Physics

X-ray-powered research is aiming to target sneaky hazardous materials making their way through airport security. The study, recently published in Scientific... 5 MIN READ
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AI Model Matches Radiologists’ Accuracy Identifying Breast Cancer in MRIs

Researchers from NYU Langone Health aim to improve breast cancer diagnostics with a new AI model. Recently published in Science Translational Medicine, the... 5 MIN READ
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Exploring a Career in AI with Sophia Abraham

Sophia Abraham always thought she would become a medical doctor. She is now pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science and computer engineering at the University of... 5 MIN READ
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AI Remotely Detects Parkinson’s Disease During Sleep

Doctors could soon evaluate Parkinson’s disease by having patients do one simple thing—sleep. A new study led by MIT researchers trains a neural network to... 4 MIN READ
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Accelerated Computing Holds the Key to Democratized Drug Discovery

The field of drug discovery is at a fascinating inflection point. The physics of the problem are understood and calculable, yet quantum mechanical calculations... 6 MIN READ
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Neural Network Generates Global Tree Height Map, Reveals Carbon Stock Potential

A recent study from researchers at ETH Zurich’s EcoVision Lab is the first to produce an interactive Global Canopy Height map. Using a newly developed deep... 5 MIN READ