San Marco square, flood in Venice
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AI Researchers Visualize Flooding Caused by Global Warming

The study uses generative adversarial networks to underscore the impacts of climate change and prompt collective action toward curbing emissions. 3 MIN READ
Image of a wildfire encroaching on a town in Portugal.
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AI Model Rapidly Identifies Structures Damaged by Wildfires

New research develops a deep learning algorithm to detect wildfire damage remotely. 4 MIN READ
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New AI Research Ranks Cities Fighting Climate Change with Sustainable Rooftops

A new deep convolutional neural network uses global satellite imagery to detect sustainable roofscapes—a promising strategy for climate mitigation. 4 MIN READ
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New Machine Learning Model Taps into the Problem-Solving Potential of Satellite Data

New research creates a low-cost and easy-to-use machine learning model to analyze streams of data from earth-imaging satellites. 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Releases Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute released the Accelerated Data Science Teaching Kit, co-developed with Professor Polo Chau. 4 MIN READ
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Meet the Researcher: Dr Emanuel Gull, Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter Physics

‘Meet the Researcher’ is a series in which we spotlight different researchers in academia who use NVIDIA technologies to accelerate their work. 4 MIN READ