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Accelerated Computing Holds the Key to Democratized Drug Discovery

Published in Nature Machine Intelligence, a panel of experts shares a vision for the future of biopharma featuring collaboration between ML and drug discovery powered by GPUs. 6 MIN READ
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Neural Network Generates Global Tree Height Map, Reveals Carbon Stock Potential

Using remote sensing and an ensemble of convolutional neural networks, the study could guide sustainable forest management and climate mitigation efforts. 5 MIN READ
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Deep Learning Study Could Spark New Dinosaur Discoveries

Researchers combine CT imaging with deep learning to evaluate dinosaur fossils. The approach could change how paleontologists study ancient remains. 4 MIN READ
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Airborne Sensors Accurately Monitor Crops in Real Time

Researchers combine advanced remote sensing data and machine-learning algorithms to quickly monitor crop nitrogen levels, central to informing sustainable agriculture. 4 MIN READ
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Autonomous Robot Improves Surgical Precision Using AI

Using machine learning and computer vision, a surgical robot successfully performed an anastomosis, demonstrating a notable step toward automated surgery. 4 MIN READ
A female doctor looking at mammography scans on her computer.
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New AI Breast Cancer Model is the First to Show Diagnostic Process

Researchers create a new AI algorithm that can analyze mammography scans, identify whether a lesion is malignant, and show how it reached its conclusion. 4 MIN READ