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Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Network IO

This is the second post in the Explaining Magnum IO series, which described the architecture, components, and benefits of Magnum IO, the IO subsystem of the… 19 MIN READ

Accelerating IO in the Modern Data Center: Magnum IO Architecture

Previously the boundary of the unit of computing, sheet metal no longer constrains the resources that can be applied to a single problem or the data set that… 10 MIN READ
Autonomous Machines

GPUDirect RDMA on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) allows computers to exchange data in memory without the involvement of a CPU. The benefits include low latency and high… 8 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Porting Scientific Applications to GPUs at the OLCF OpenACC Hackathon

Six scientific computing teams from around the world spent an intense week late last year porting their applications to GPUs using OpenACC directives. 7 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Benchmarking GPUDirect RDMA on Modern Server Platforms

NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA is a technology which enables a direct path for data exchange between the GPU and third-party peer devices using standard features of PCI… 13 MIN READ