NVIDIA CloudXR Now Available on AWS Marketplace

NVIDIA CloudXR is now publicly available through the AWS Marketplace as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

Streaming from the cloud provides new opportunities for XR access and portability. NVIDIA CloudXR provides users with an advanced XR technology that brings deeply immersive graphics to any OpenVR application. 

With CloudXR on AWS, users can stream rich XR experiences wherever they are. Developers can run CloudXR with their apps using the AMI, making their software available as a service. And cloud customers can quickly jump onto AWS to stream complex XR workflows to their local VR and AR devices.

“NVIDIA CloudXR is an exciting technology that’s now accessible to millions of AWS customers, allowing them to experience the future of streaming virtual environments from the cloud,” Evan Helda, senior specialist in Spatial Computing at AWS. “The new CloudXR AMI is a game-changer for the Marketplace, and we can’t wait to see how the technology helps people unlock new opportunities for delivering high-quality graphics to any XR device.”

Take XR Streaming to the Next Level

Streaming from the cloud allows users to easily set up, scale and consume immersive experiences from anywhere, without being tethered to expensive workstations or external VR tracking systems. NVIDIA CloudXR constantly adapts to network conditions to deliver the highest quality user experience.

CloudXR extends NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations (RTX vWS), making it possible for users to stream fully accelerated immersive graphics from a virtualized environment. Learn more about virtual workstations by visiting Rethink Creativity.

The NVIDIA CloudXR platform is available on Amazon EC2 G4dn instances that support NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs, allowing AWS users everywhere to benefit from the highest quality XR streaming. 

How to Get Started

With this AMI now available in the Marketplace, AWS customers can easily get started with CloudXR. Software vendors can also use the CloudXR AMI to distribute apps from the edge and provide customers with untethered XR experience from anywhere. 

For those who require more robust IT integrations, NVIDIA’s partner The Grid Factory is available to help. An early adopter of CloudXR, The Grid Factory helps businesses produce and deliver high-quality streaming graphics over 5G.

“We’ve worked with many companies across industries to deploy CloudXR, and we continue to work with more so they can explore the amazing capabilities of NVIDIA’s XR technology,” said Andy Bowker, co-founder and CEO at The Grid Factory. at The Grid Factory. “CloudXR is helping more businesses harness the power of the cloud to create high-fidelity immersive environments, and we want to help more people experience this groundbreaking technology.”

Learn more about NVIDIA CloudXR and download from AWS today.

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