William Cannady

William Cannady is a technical product manager with the NVIDIA enterprise XR team. He focuses on the technical aspects of XR products, working closely with partners and customers.

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Build Scalable Immersive Experiences with Networking APIs, Swift Support, and More Using NVIDIA CloudXR 3.2

The latest release of NVIDIA CloudXR includes some of the most requested features from the developer community, such as support for preconfiguring a remote server. 5 MIN READ
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Delivering One-Click VR Streaming Using Innoactive Portal and NVIDIA CloudXR

Building one-click delivery of PC-based VR applications to standalone devices by streaming from the Cloud using NVIDIA CloudXR SDK and Innoactive Portal. 11 MIN READ
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Develop, Deploy, and Distribute Immersive Experiences with NVIDIA CloudXR and Amazon Web Services

Use NVIDIA CloudXR alongside AWS to build immersive XR experiences from the cloud for key advantages at every stage from development to distribution. 5 MIN READ
Woman wearing the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset.
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Reach New Frontiers of Immersive Production with NVIDIA CloudXR and HTC VIVE Focus 3

HTC released a CloudXR client to support their VIVE Focus 3, which provides a "best of both worlds” solution to the difficult tradeoffs VR developers face. 4 MIN READ
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Streaming and Monitoring XR Experiences Using NVIDIA CloudXR SDK and PCoIP Solutions from Teradici

Discover how NVIDIA CloudXR with Teradici’s PCoIP protocol enables XR users to experience seamless streaming. CloudXR uses Teradici’s ability to support high-fidelity video and use of flexible int... 3 MIN READ