CloudXR is NVIDIA's solution for streaming virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) content from any OpenVR XR application on a remote server—cloud, data center, or edge. The CloudXR streaming solution includes NVIDIA RTX™ hardware, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) drivers, and the CloudXR software development kit (SDK).

Autodesk VRED

Rendered in Autodesk VRED, streamed over 5G


ESI Group’s IC.IDO collaborative VR environment


Why SAP uses Innoactive Creator and Portal

Luxion KeyVR

One Click from Luxion’s KeyShot to KeyVR streaming AR

Theia Interactive

Man wearing gray shirt inside a room

Image courtesy of Theia Interactive

Masterpiece VR

Streaming immersive 3D design and character creation

Dreamscape Immersive

5G use case with AT&T, WEVR, Ericsson, and Dreamscape Immersive


Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Lab Production of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge’s Ghost Encounter Live in VR


Untethered XR Device Experience

High-fidelity, immersive VR applications typically require the use of a restrictive tethered HMD. CloudXR allows VR users to move to wireless HMDs without any noticeable degradation in the VR experience.

Growing Wireless Ecosystem

Beyond the multitude of cellular phones and tablets, there are several OEMs working on 5G- and Wi-Fi-enabled VR All-in-One HMDs.

Streaming of Any OpenVR Application

The CloudXR streaming stack provides developers with a flexible high-performance cloud instance they can leverage to stream even the most demanding immersive experiences.

AR Support

The CloudXR server application even supports streaming VR content to AR phones/tablets by adding an alpha channel. This alpha channel is used to blend the rendered content with the live camera stream.

How It Works

With CloudXR, VR/AR content can be streamed over wireless or wired networks to any end device, whether the device is untethered or a tethered thin client. CloudXR thin clients are supported on XR-capable Android platforms.

The SDK provides a way to stream graphics-intensive XR content by accessing a high-powered graphics server and streaming over a radio signal (5G or Wi-Fi, for instance) to a relatively low-powered client, such as an Android-based All-In-One head-mounted display (HMD), or a PC-connected HMDs like the Vive Pro. The SDK also enables streaming of OpenVR applications to a number of 5G-connected Android devices, including 5G-enabled phones. This enables more mobile access to high-powered servers, as well as access to graphics-intensive applications on relatively low-powered graphics hardware.

  • CloudXR Server Driver: Server-side binaries and libraries (Windows 10 or higher)
  • CloudXR Client App: Operating system (OS)-specific binaries and libraries
  • CloudXR Client SDK: OS-specific sample application (with source code sample)
Table explaining CloudXR server driver and CloudXR Client SDK

The CloudXR Server presents a virtual HMD driver to SteamVR. This allows existing OpenVR applications to see the HMD as being locally connected, and thus does not require any changes at the application level. The CloudXR server receives frames and audio from the OpenVR application and subsequently encodes and transports them to the CloudXR client.

On the client, the Cloud XR Client Application receives and decodes the frames and audio, and presents them to the end device runtime. This application also relays controller and HMD tracking data and other inputs back to the server.

Supported Devices

Head Mounted Displays

OpenVR-capable HMDs tethered to NVIDIA Pascal™, Turing™, or Ampere™ based GPU:


  • HTC VIVE Pro
  • HTC VIVE Pro Eye
  • Valve

  • Valve Index
  • Untethered Android-based devices:


  • HTC VIVE Focus 3
  • Meta Quest

  • Meta Quest
  • Meta Quest 2
  • Pico

  • Pico Neo 3
  • Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye

  • Mobile Devices

    Device-specific CloudXR client application packages (APKs):

    HMD partners wishing to support CloudXR can use the CloudXR Client SDK to create a device-specific APK.

    Supported Cloud Service Providers

    CloudXR is available on the following Cloud Service Provider Marketplaces:

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