SC20 Demo: Revolutionizing Supercomputing with NVIDIA Mellanox UFM Cyber AI

NVIDIA Mellanox UFM (Unified Fabric Manager) Cyber AI – an advanced InfiniBand system powered by deep learning that can proactively predict failures in data centers. By combining rich telemetry information from network adapters, switches, cables and other components with deep learning algorithms — in real-time — Cyber AI can empower IT managers to take action to address these problems before they impact operations.

The Cyber-AI platform can translate and correlate changes in the data center heartbeat to indicate future performance degradations or abnormal usage of the data center computing resources. Such changes and correlations trigger the performing of predictive analytics, and initiate alerts that indicate abnormal system and application behavior, as well as potential system failures. 

System administrators can quickly detect and respond to such potential security threats, and address upcoming failures in an efficient manner, saving OPEX and maintaining end-user SLAs. Predictability is optimized over time with the collection of additional system data.

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