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SC20 Demo: Cinematic Climate Visualization with Omniverse

Climate simulations are among the most challenging problems in scientific computing due to their size and complexity. They produce large amounts of inherently 3D data, and yet the analysis is often limited to 2D projections. 

Visualization is an incredibly useful tool that allows us to find patterns and trends and extract meaningful insights from massive datasets. Seeing the data in ways we can intuitively understand allows, not just scientists, but business executives, policymakers, and the general public to use the information and take action when needed.

In addition to climate scientists, climate data also needs to be accessible by laypersons. Therefore, intuitive, photorealistic renderings are desirable. 

The NVIDIA Omniverse platform enables the fusion of large-scale scientific data with cinematic rendering capabilities, allowing for interactive exploration of complex climate phenomena. In this demo, we’ll show the power of Omniverse to visualize high-resolution climate simulation data.

Being able to render these datasets in a photorealistic, interactive way in NVIDIA Omniverse  is key for outreach, education, and even science. Omniverse puts more powerful tools into the hands of scientists whose research will, hopefully, help us better understand our world.

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