NVIDIA Partners with Hackster for AI at the Edge Challenge

NVIDIA has partnered with to launch the AI at the Edge Challenge – a competition where developers use the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit to build unique and creative projects and earn a chance to win from $100K in prizes.

Using the Jetson Nano Developer Kit developers should create a new application or solution that falls into one of these three categories:

  1. Autonomous Machines & Robotics
  2. Intelligent Video Analytics & Smart Cities
  3. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

NVIDIA is giving away thousands in prizes including a paid trip to NVIDIA GTC 2020, a brand new TITAN RTX GPU, a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, and Public Cloud Compute credits that you can use for your next project. 

In addition, one project will be selected for the special “AI Social Impact Award” that recognizes a solution which leverages the power of artificial intelligence to have a clear and positive impact on people’s lives and/or the environment around us.

You can learn more by visiting the contest page on –

There are just three simple steps to get started:

GET AI – Get an NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit with everything you need to get up and running fast. Buy one from our partner Seeed Studio. We will send you a $5.00 discount code by email after you register for the competition.

LEARN AI – If you’re new to AI, you can take our free, self-paced Deep Learning Institute (DLI) course online. You’ll learn to collect image data and use it to train, optimize, and deploy AI models for custom tasks like recognizing hand gestures, image regression for locating a key point in an image, and much more. Sign up here. (Note: the DLI course isn’t mandatory, but you’ll find it useful)

BUILD AI – Armed with a Jetson Nano and your newfound skills from our free DLI course, you’ll be ready to see where AI can take your creativity for this contest. Need inspiration? Check out the projects from our Developer and Partner Communities.

Go to Hackster and sign up today –

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