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NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima Now Available

Technical artists, developers and content creators can now take 3D storytelling to the next level: NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima is now available in open beta.

Omniverse Machinima offers a suite of tools and extensions that enable users to render realistic graphics and animation using scenes and characters from games.

The app includes premade assets from NVIDIA and games such as Squad from Offworld Industries, and Mount & Blade Warband by TaleWorlds Entertainment, with more to come. 

Through Omniverse Machinima, users can:

  • Render scenes with materials, surfaces and textures from the NVIDIA MDL library or imported from third-party asset libraries.
  • Animate characters’ faces using a simple voice recording through NVIDIA Audio2Face technology.
  • Create realistic visuals with physically accurate materials through NVIDIA PhysX 5, Blast, and Flow extensions.
  • Capture human motion through a video feed using wrnch’s AI pose estimation technology.
  • And leverage the built-in Omniverse RTX Renderer to produce an output with the highest fidelity.

Omniverse Machinima introduces five new Omniverse platform extensions:

  • Sequencer is an animation tool that combines multiple animation clips to create a cinematic flow. Following a non-linear editor methodology, Sequencer features a traditional time track and play-head layout, so users can quickly add, edit and delete tracks and play them back over time.
  • Reshade allows users to quickly review and apply a variety of rendering modes using a simple menu selection system — similar to filters found in many social media and digital content creation applications — ranging from cartoon to sci-fi-esque glitches.
  • Camera Animation Tool is an Omniverse Kit extension found in other Omniverse Kit-based apps like Create.. The toolkit lets users easily and intuitively animate camera movements.
  • Animation Recorder is ideal for recording animation from input sources such as wrnch’s CaptureStream tool.
  • wrnch AI technology simplifies the process of creating animated 3D characters that mimic human movement by letting users capture motions through cameras.

NVIDIA and wrnch Inc., the leading provider of computer vision software and member of the NVIDIA Inception program, are collaborating to deliver AI-powered human pose estimation capabilities in Omniverse Machinima. The extension created by wrnch Inc. includes:

  • wrnch CaptureStream, a free downloadable tool that enables creators to use a mobile device’s camera to capture the human motion that they’d like to reproduce in an application.
  • wrnch AI Pose Estimator, an Omniverse extension that enables creators to detect and connect to the wrnch CaptureStream application running on the local network.

Omniverse users can leverage the wrnch Engine, which extracts human motion from video feeds and uses pose estimation algorithms to track skeletal joints and mimic the movements on the 3D character. 

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima, and download the open beta today.

For additional resources, view the latest tutorials on Omniverse Machinima, check out the developer forum for support, and join the Omniverse Discord server to chat with the community.

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