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iClone Connector Adds Breakthrough Character Animation Workflow to NVIDIA Omniverse

Animated character in a diner.

Reallusion has released the iClone Connector for NVIDIA Omniverse, adding a complete character animation pipeline to Omniverse Create and Omniverse Machinima applications.

When the Character Creator 3 Omniverse Connector launched in April 2021, creators of all skill levels could efficiently and easily create digital humans for any type of project. Reallusion now enhances the pipeline with the capability to create animations for their characters through the new iClone Omniverse Connector.

Digital humans play an important role in the virtual worlds, but the creation of character animations is often accompanied by a significant expertise barrier and price tag. iClone provides an innovative way to personalize animation for different styles of characters with its fast and intuitive animation production system. 

The iClone Connector simplifies facial blend shape animation, body animation, props, camera, lights, and scene setup while exporting everything to Omniverse. With iClone 7 and Omniverse, individuals or design teams can create, animate, and deploy digital humans and 3D characters for simulations and visualizations.

The iClone Omniverse Connector adds the power of a full animation creation system to Omniverse users, including:

  • Human characters, creatures, vehicles, robots, and animated objects that can be directly transferred from iClone to Omniverse to enliven virtual worlds.
  • A character animation system consisting of lip sync, facial expression, and body animation tools. In combination with main-stream mocap gear, creators can generate character animations easily in this all-in-one tool. 
  • A massive library of high-quality character assets, motions, and props to save time when building projects.
  • The abiltiy to export the main USD file along with other dependencies, such as a light, material, and motion folders, to maintain the flexibility of file updates. PBR, Digital Human, and SSS shaders sent to Omniverse will map corresponding textures and material attributes accordingly. 
  • Audio2Face animations that can be imported into iClone, and combined with iClone native lip sync technology and facial expression to present multilanguage, AI-driven character animation.
  • The ability for global teams to work simultaneously on the same assets in Omniverse, enabling collaborative iteration in a virtual world.

Experience the tools now and see them live during GTC. Reallusion will present an exclusive session about the new iClone Connector for Omniverse. They will also speak at the NVIDIA Omniverse User Group, demonstrating and answering questions about iClone Character Animation Workflow for Omniverse.

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