NVIDIA and Google Cloud Deliver High-Quality XR Streaming

NVIDIA CloudXR is coming to NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation instances on Google Cloud.

Built on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, NVIDIA CloudXR enables streaming of immersive AR, VR, or mixed reality experiences from anywhere. Organizations can easily set up and scale immersive experiences from any location, to any VR or AR device. 

By streaming from Google Cloud, XR users can securely access data from the cloud at any time, and they can easily share the immersive experiences with other teams or customers.

NVIDIA CloudXR Enables Masterpiece Creation Anywhere

NVIDIA is partnering with Masterpiece Studio to showcase state-of-the-art character animation in VR. With NVIDIA CloudXR, Masterpiece Studio customers around the world can stream and collaborate on character creation workflows in a VR environment.

And with NVIDIA CloudXR, creators anywhere in the world can access a high-powered NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation, provisioned and delivered by Google Cloud.

Creators should have the freedom of working from anywhere, without needing to be physically tethered to a workstation to work on characters or 3D models in VR,” said Jonathan Gagne, CEO at Masterpiece Studio. “With NVIDIA CloudXR, our customers will be able to power their creative workflows in high-quality immersive environments, from any location, on any device.” 

“NVIDIA CloudXR technology delivered via Google Cloud’s global private fiber optic network provides an optimized, high-quality user experience for remotely streamed VR experiences. This unique combination unlocks the ability to easily stream work from anywhere using NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation,” said Rob Martin, Chief Architect for Gaming at Google. “With NVIDIA CloudXR on Google Cloud, the future of VR workflows can be more collaborative, intuitive, and productive.”

Learn more about NVIDIA CloudXR on Google Cloud with this SIGGRAPH demo.

NVIDIA CloudXR Availability

With NVIDIA CloudXR running on GPU-powered virtual machine instances on Google Cloud, companies can provide XR creators and end users with high-quality virtual experiences from anywhere in the world. NVIDIA CloudXR on Google Cloud will be generally available later this year, with a private beta available soon. 

The NVIDIA CloudXR platform includes:

  • NVIDIA CloudXR SDK, which supports all OpenVR apps and includes broad client support for phones, tablets and HMDs.
  • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations to provide high-quality graphics at the fastest frame rates.
  • NVIDIA AI SDKs to accelerate performance and increase immersive presence.

Apply now for early access to the SDK, and sign up to get the latest news and updates on upcoming NVIDIA CloudXR releases, including the private beta.

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