Greg Jones

Greg Jones is the director of product management for the NVIDIA Maxine developer platform. He focuses on partnerships and projects that use NVIDIA professional AI-based real-time video and audio enhancement in teleconferencing and content creation. Before coming to NVIDIA, Greg was the associate director of a 200-person academic research institute focused on scientific computing, image analysis, computer graphics, and data visualization at the University of Utah.
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Content Creation / Rendering

Experience Real-Time Audio and Video Communication with NVIDIA Maxine 

The NVIDIA Maxine developer platform redefines video conferencing and editing by providing developers and businesses with a variety of low-code implementation... 5 MIN READ

Dialed Into 5G: NVIDIA CloudXR 4.0 Brings Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability for XR Deployment

During GTC 2023, NVIDIA announced the latest release of NVIDIA CloudXR that enables you to customize this SDK for your applications and customers, and scale... 5 MIN READ
View full-fidelity 3D models using AR mode in XR Remote.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Experience Immersive Streaming with Omniverse Streaming Client

Content creators and developers can now view their 3D content in full-immersive detail with NVIDIA Omniverse Streaming Client for iOS. The app is available now... 5 MIN READ
Illustration of person using VR.

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

NVIDIA CloudXR is now publicly available through the Google Cloud Marketplace with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations as a Virtual Machine Image (VMI). CloudXR on... 2 MIN READ
Video of office setting with VMware logo.

NVIDIA CloudXR Now Integrated in VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub

NVIDIA and VMware are helping enterprises take XR streaming to the cloud with the announcement of Workspace ONE XR Hub, which includes an integration with... 3 MIN READ

NVIDIA and Google Cloud Deliver High-Quality XR Streaming

NVIDIA CloudXR is coming to NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation instances on Google Cloud. Built on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, NVIDIA CloudXR enables streaming of immersive... 3 MIN READ