Jetson Project of the Month: Smart Social Distancing with AI

Social distancing is one of the most important defenses against the spread of COVID-19. The team at Galliot was awarded the Jetson Project of the Month for their ”Smart Social Distancing with AI” application. This open-source application based on Jetson Nano helps businesses monitor social distancing practices on their premises and take corrective action in real time. 

The application’s main tasks are done by the “Computer Vision Engine” module. This module manages the pre-processing, inference, post-processing and distance calculations on the data. The detection is done by a SSD-Mobilenet-v2 convolutional neural network running on Jetson Nano and optimized using the NVIDIA TensorRT accelerator library. 

A dashboard, generated by the GUI and web application module, displays results that include social distancing violation alerts by location, color-coded bounding boxes to convey the extent of the violation, and overall violation trends. These alerts and visuals help a business take appropriate action. 

The application can be customized or extended using parameters provided in the configuration file or source code. For example, developers can use their own network models or add a custom video file or stream as inputs to quickly get started building and deploying their own Smart Social Distancing applications.

Smart Social Distancing – System Design Diagram

Lastly, the team has a roadmap that details several enhancements, adding face mask detection, adding safety score for a site, evaluating other network models and adding more robust distance calculation methods.

Galliot hopes that their AI-based technology can help people stay safe. The team is looking for contributions from the open source community in the Galliot GitHub repo. 

For more details including code, see the technical guide, Smart Distancing

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