Developer Blog: Programming the Entire Data Center Infrastructure with the NVIDIA DOCA SDK

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Today, in his NVIDIA GTC Fall keynote, CEO Jensen Huang introduced a new kind of processor, the BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU), a powerful new software development kit for the DPU, DOCA, along with a three year roadmap of DPU and AI innovation. The NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU is the world’s first data center infrastructure on a chip architecture optimized for modern enterprise data centers. DOCA is central to enabling the DPU to offload, accelerate, and isolate data center services to propel enterprise and AI applications to new levels of performance, security, and reliability. Specifically, DOCA is designed to enable you to deliver a broad range of accelerated software-defined networking, storage, security, and management services running on current and future BlueField DPUs.

:  Block diagram shows how DOCA enables software-defined data center infrastructure applications to run on top of the NVIDIA DPU features to benefit from hardware acceleration.
Figure 1. DOCA layered under data center infrastructure applications that run on the DPU.

NVIDIA also announced BlueField-2X, the world’s first AI-Powered DPU, combining all the features of BlueField-2 with NVIDIA Ampere GPU technology. DOCA is adding support for BlueField-2X, enabling you to build AI-driven, optimized infrastructure management and cyber security applications. For more information about how DPUs improve data center security and efficiency, see What’s a DPU and NVIDIA DPU.

With DOCA and its BlueField DPU lineup, NVIDIA is re-inventing the enterprise data center stack, allowing you to build secure and accelerated infrastructure services.

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