CUDA 16x9 Aspect Ratio
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Boosting Inline Packet Processing Using DPDK and GPUdev with GPUs

Inline processing of network packets using GPUs is a packet analysis technique useful to a number of different applications. 14 MIN READ
The NVIDIA BlueField Data Processing Unit is used for network function acceleration
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Developing Applications with NVIDIA BlueField DPU and DPDK

In this series, learn to build an app and offload it through the use of DPDK and the NVIDIA DOCA SDK libraries. 14 MIN READ
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Achieving a Cloud-Scale Architecture with DPUs

This post explains why you need a DPU-based SmartNIC and discusses some Smart NIC use cases. 10 MIN READ
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Accelerating Solution Development with DOCA on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

Learn how you can use DOCA to offload infrastructure workloads from the host CPU and accelerate them with the BlueField DPU. 9 MIN READ
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Building the Smart Cloud Using the Best SmartNICs and DPUs, Part 2

This post was originally published on the Mellanox blog. In part one, I said that the smart devices around us are changing our lives in remarkable ways. However… 5 MIN READ
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Programming the Entire Data Center Infrastructure with the NVIDIA DOCA SDK

Today, in his NVIDIA GTC Fall keynote, CEO Jensen Huang introduced a new kind of processor, the BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU), a powerful new software… 12 MIN READ