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Customizing Nsight Graphics for Vulkan Applications

If you are building Vulkan applications, Nsight Graphics is an indispensable tool in your utility belt. At GDC 2019, NVIDIA’s Jeff Kiel explained how Nsight Graphics can help solve the most puzzling graphics rendering and performance problems.

Getting The Most From Your Vulkan Applications with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics, Jeff’s full GDC presentation, can be found here. The talk includes real-world examples that show how to use NVIDIA’s developer tools, and provides guidance on how to use the Frame Debugger to find those pesky rendering anomalies.

Below is an 8-minute excerpt from the talk. Jeff provides details on how to customize the metrics you collect in the Range Profiler. “It’s all user configurable now,” explains Jeff. “Rather than NVIDIA only giving you access to certain data points, now you can actually define the metrics yourself. You’ll be able to gather your own collection of metrics that you find helpful, for either graphics or for compute profiling.”

The full talk is available here. An NVIDIA Developer Zone membership is required to access this content; registration is free, and it takes less than one minute to complete.

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