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NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2020.5

Nsight Graphics 2020.5 is now available for download. With the release of the brand new NVIDIA Ampere microarchitecture, we’ve made some significant updates. We also have an exciting announcement for Vulkan developers.

A number of new metrics are now available with the Ampere microarchitecture. With GPU Trace, our timeline-based profiler, you can now visualize these metrics using the new Ampere specific ‘Throughput’ and ‘Advanced Metric’ sets. In addition, GPU Trace can now display type-appropriate data (in addition to throughput percentages). For example, PCI Bandwidth now shows byte counts, making it easier to understand potential performance limiters associated with that part of the GPU pipeline. Instructions per clock will also be shown where applicable.

The Range Profiler has also been updated. All of the metrics you’ve come to rely on to understand your GPU workloads are available on the new Ampere microarchitecture.

With this release, we’ve added support for Vulkan and Vulkan Ray Tracing in the Shader Profiler. Vulkan GLSL shaders are supported in the same way that was previously possible for D3D12 and DXR HLSL shaders. Users that provide debug information for their shaders can see detailed performance data mapped directly to the GLSL source lines it is associated with. This allows users to pinpoint performance issues caused by stalls in the shader instruction pipeline.

Today, we are also releasing a new version of the Nsight Aftermath 2020.2 SDK which now includes Linux Support. Nsight Aftermath helps you find hard-to-debug crashes by letting you generate GPU “mini-dumps”, allowing you to quickly identify and resolve numerous issues. We’ve bundled the latest Nsight Aftermath 2020.2 SDK with the latest Nsight Graphics installer but you can also download it directly from the DevZone website. For more details check out this link: NVIDIA Nsight Aftermath SDK.

For more details on Nsight Graphics 2020.5, check out the release notes (link).

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Try out the latest version of Nsight Graphics today!

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