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Autonomous Vehicles

Watch the GTC Keynote

Catch the latest announcements from NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. < 1
Autonomous Vehicles

German Researchers Develop Early Warning AI for Self-Driving Systems

Self-driving cars can run into critical situations where a human driver must retake control for safety reasons. Researchers from the Technical University of… 2 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

GTC 21: Top 5 Automotive Technical Sessions

Register for the free conference to hear talks from Audi Board Member Hildegard Wortmann, Zoox CTO Jesse Levinson, University of Toronto Professor Raquel… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Learn How Industry Leaders Are Architecting Solutions for Automotive Design and Development at Scale at GTC 2021

Autonomous vehicles are born in the data center, and at GTC, attendees can learn exactly how high-performance compute is vital to developing, training… 4 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Get Ready for the Future - Boost Your Skills with Hands-on Training at GTC

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute is offering nine instructor-led workshops at this year’s GTC on a wide range of advanced software development topics in AI… 3 MIN READ
Autonomous Vehicles

Fast-Track ADAS and AV Research with NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

Driver assistance technology is an incredibly active research domain – from supervised assistance functions all the way to fully autonomous driving. 4 MIN READ