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Build OpenUSD Applications for the Cloud with NVIDIA Omniverse Kit 106 Milestone Release

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NVIDIA Omniverse is a platform that enables you to build applications for complex 3D and industrial digitalization workflows based on Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD). The platform’s modular architecture breaks down into core technologies and services, which you can directly integrate into tools and applications, customizing as needed. This approach simplifies integration, enhances scalability, and reduces unnecessary development overhead.

To build applications from scratch, NVIDIA offers Omniverse Kit SDK and free sample applications that can be easily customized and extended, then deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Soon, you will be able to integrate Omniverse core technologies into applications through Omniverse Cloud APIs.

Diagram shows photo thumbnails representing applications as a layer over APIs and services such as USD Write, USD Query, USD Render, USD Notify, Omniverse Channel, and app streaming; and SDKs, with NVIDIA Omniverse as the foundation.
Figure 1. NVIDIA Omniverse platform

The latest release of NVIDIA Omniverse Kit106 beta brings you greater ease and control over development workflows. This release is packed with new tooling and enhanced functionality to accelerate the development of OpenUSD-based applications that are ready for cloud or on-premises deployment.

What’s new in Omniverse Kit 106 Beta?

  • Launch-ready sample environments optimized for testing and development
  • Backend structure improvements for increased control over extensions and dependencies
  • Visual scripting enhancements for easier and faster low-code development
  • Advanced RTX rendering with improved real-time materials and lighting

Download Omniverse Kit Beta version 106.0.0 today.

Released alongside this latest Kit SDK is the Kit App Streaming Template repository, which includes quick-start samples and templates to streamline development without compromising customization. 

The Omniverse App Streaming API will also be available soon in public beta, enabling the deployment of kit-based applications to the cloud and enabling you to stream directly into a web-based application or web browser.

An improved developer experience

Image shows the user interface for the Kit Base Editor, with a robotic simulation.
Figure 2. Kit Base Editor

The Kit 106 Beta SDK is a testament to the NVIDIA commitment to providing you with robust tools that are both powerful and user-friendly. This SDK includes numerous enhancements that streamline application development and testing, ensuring that you have everything you need for building, iterating, and deploying with confidence.

Kit Base Editor

The Kit Base Editor is a standout feature in the Kit 106 Beta SDK. It provides a launch-ready sample environment optimized for testing and development. This feature enables you to quickly see and test changes in a real-time setting, enhancing the efficiency of the development cycle.

Kit extension consolidation

The SDK also focuses on improving the backend structure of kit extensions. This provides you with increased control over extensions and dependencies, simplifying the management and maintenance of code. The streamlined approach means fewer complications and a more straightforward development process, enabling you to focus more on innovation rather than maintenance.

OmniGraph enhancements

OmniGraph, a visual scripting tool, has received significant enhancements in this release. These improvements make it easier and more efficient for you to use OmniGraph for development, particularly for those who prefer a visual approach to coding or require rapid prototyping capabilities.

Advanced RTX rendering

The Kit 106 Beta SDK includes updates to the RTX Renderer, a Hydra-compliant, hybrid AI path tracer built on DLSS 3.5. These enhancements provide even better real-time rendering capabilities, with improved material and lighting models that allow for realistic and visually stunning results at real-time frame rates. 

Jumpstart application development with the Omniverse Kit App Template Repository

Screenshot of the user interface for a generic application made with the USD Explorer template, showing a factory scene.
Figure 3.  Example of the USD Explorer template for building large USD scene manipulators

The introduction of the Kit App Template Repository, released with the Kit 106 Beta SDK, is a quick way to start building OpenUSD-based applications. This repository provides a variety of templates that can be customized to fit the specific needs of any project, significantly reducing development time and helping you focus on building innovative solutions for virtual factory simulation, 3D product configurators, and other industrial use cases.

Here are some of the templates available:

  • Service: Ideal for creating headless web service applications and perfect for backend services that require high performance and scalability.
  • Base Editor: A customizable version of the Kit Base Editor and suited for applications that need a simple yet powerful UI for editing and manipulation tasks.
  • USD Explorer: Designed for handling large USD scenes and particularly useful for applications in industries like film and animation, where managing complex scenes is a regular requirement.

Deploy OpenUSD applications to the cloud with the Omniverse App Streaming API

Screenshot of a ship visualized in Siemens Teamcenter X with an Omniverse-powered viewport.
Figure 4. Siemens Teamcenter X demo application with an Omniverse-powered viewport, built via Omniverse Kit SDK and streamed via the Kit App Streaming API

The Kit App Streaming API lets you deploy Kit-based applications to and stream interactively from the cloud. It enables you to self-host these applications on any public cloud and integrate them seamlessly into web-based solutions. 

Compatible with Kit-based applications from version Kit 105.1.2 onwards, it supports deployment on both on-premises and public cloud infrastructures. This API will be released in beta soon.

Get started

We’re excited to see how you use these new tools and capabilities available in the latest Omniverse Kit SDK 106.0.0 beta release.

Get started now with the following resources:

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